Difference between Post & Page in WordPress

Dear Reader, It’s a very common question asked by any Interviewer when you are facing WordPress Interview, that ” What is the Difference between Post & Page in WordPress? ” So here we are going to differentiate these content types pointwise with some screenshot for better understanding.

                                             Post                                         Page
  1. Posts are content entries listed in reverse chronological order on your blog’s homepage.
  2. Post are dynamic and updated regularly.
  3. Posts have a time display which displays the date and time the post was published.
  4. You can assign categories and tags to posts which make them easier to find.
  5. Posts appear in RSS feed so readers who subscribe to your blog will receive your latest post in their RSS reader.
  6. Posts display the name of the post author.
  7. You can create a daily and weekly newsletter for your audience to subscribe to, so Posts are very social
  8.  This is Post attribute.
  9. Posts have hierarchical comment sections for Reader’s reviews and queries.

  1. Pages are displayed independently of post history and are more static and are not listed by date.
  2. Normally used for information that you want to share with readers but don’t expect to update frequently.
  3. Pages don’t have time stamps so doesn’t display the date they are published.
  4. You can’t assign category and tags to pages.
  5. Pages don’t appear in RSS feeds so readers need to visit your blog to view latest page updates.
  6. Blog pages can appear anywhere on your blog depending on your theme.
  7. Pages are not meant to be social in most cases this does not include social sharing buttons or comments.
  8.  This is Page attribute.
  9. Pages like About Us, Contact Us etc, have not these facilities as there is no any need of reviews or queries for pages.
  10. You can change the order pages appear.
  11. You can create sub-pages which you assign to a parent page to create nested pages.

These are main key Difference between Post & Page in WordPress. Hope it will be helpful to you. If you like this post and was helpful to you then please share this post on social media and if you have further any query then please contact us or comment below, Thanks.



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