27 Jan, 2019

How to integrate ONGO payment gateway in PHP

27 Jan, 2019

Dear Reader, let us we know that “How to integrate ONGO payment gateway in PHP“. So in this Tutorial, We Learn Step By Step Payment gateway integration Process in PHP.

If you are going develop the E-commerce website or application and wants to sell products then this tutorial for you.

Today we are going to Integrate “ONGO” payment gateway, This payment gateway is the simplest payment gateway for Integration and receiving the payments of Customers.

Now let’s start the Payment Gateway Integration Process in step by step.

First, we see a Snapshot of the Product Pay now page.


And you can also see Live “Demo” by click on below Demo button

Step 1:-  First we need to create a database like “php_demo” and paste the below SQL code

Step 2:- Now Create a folder like “Demo” and create a file “index.php” and paste the below code


  Step 3:- Now create a file “config.php” and paste the below code

Step 4:- Now create a file “return.php” and paste the below code

Step 5:- Now run our project, so we need to type in browser localhost/your_project_name/index.php


“http://localhost/demo/index.php” then you can see the result as in below snapshot,


Step 6:-  when you click on the “Pay Now” button then you will see the below snapshot


Step 7:- Test Payment detail is below:-

Testing URL: https://uatsys.agsindia.com:8006

Card Number : 4242 4242 4242 4242

Expiry Year: 2020

Expiry Month: 12

CVV: 123

Step 8:- The Production URL is below

URL: https://pg.myongo.co.in:8000/


Congratulations you have successfully created “How to integrate ONGO payment gateway in PHP”, if you like this post and was helpful for you then share this post on social media and if you have any query then please contact us or comment below, Thanks




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