09 Oct, 2017

Show IP Address Details using PHP with all details like regions

09 Oct, 2017

Dear Reader,  In this Tutorial, let us we know that how we can get Country Details Like Country Name, Country Code, City, Region Code etc using IP Address, this is the simplest way, you just need to follow the following procedures and things will go on the fly.


In the output, you can see “status” which is an important factor refers to as..

  •  If the “status=failed”, this means the IP Address is Invalid.
  • If the “status=success”, then the Output will be displayed the IP Address details


Final Output:

Ip Address:

Country Name: United States

Country Code: US

Country Code(3 Digit): USA

Region Code: FL

City Name: Fort Lauderdale

Latitude: 26.1882

Longitude: -80.1711



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