Video Slider with Play Pause in jQuery

Dear Reader, let us know about “Video Slider with Play Pause in jQuery“. So in this tutorial, we learn Step By Step Video Slider with Play Pause in jQuery.

Our aim is to run video slider with its play and pause functionality. It means on page load, this video slider will automatically run and complete its duration and then next video will play automatically. As soon as user wants to pause any video at any interval of time of the video’s running duration, then he can pause it by clicking on pause button. And when he wants to play by sliding video’s duration or without sliding too, he can play his interested video at any time interval.

Here is a Demo link to check this slider’s proper functionality online.

This is an image of the video slider. It will look like this.

Video Slider

Step 1 :- Html Code for Video Slider

Step 2 :- Css Code for Video Slider

Step 3 :- Script Code for Video Slider

Final all club codes at one place. So please use this below code for your implementations.
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