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How to Install CodeIgniter Framework in Windows Operating System

Dear Reader in This Tutorial let us We Know that “How to Install Codeigniter Framework in Windows Operating System Using XAMPP Server“, So in this Tutorial, We Learn Step By Step Codeigniter Framework Installation Process. CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who...

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Why you should use CodeIgniter ..?

If you need a framework with a small footprint. You need a high performance. Need a framework which requires zero configurations. Need a framework which doesn’t use the command line. Need a framework which doesn’t require adhering to restrictive coding rules. To get a simplified code structure.

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What is CodeIgniter .?

For building a web application you spend a lot of time in writing the same code again and again. Frameworks provide you a starting block and minimize the amount of code needed to build a website. CodeIgniter is PHP driven framework but it’s not a PHP substitute. Diving into...

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