31 Aug, 2018

Get value of jQuery toggle button yes/no

31 Aug, 2018

Dear Reader, let us start to learn to ‘Get value of jQuery toggle button yes/no‘.
As in today’s era, we are going to be very sophisticated and want to use very less work with more output. So by providing a jquery toggle button Yes/No , we as a front end developer, give the way of sophistication to the end user. Who may be very little educated person like any housekeepers. So by giving these User Interface to end user, they feel very happy. As it is very easy to get input from the end user. And by getting that input from the end user, you can perform the major task of saving that input into the database table as Yes or No. Like whether housekeeper performed his task or not.

So for checking user’s input you have to see the result on Console Window as is_checked :- true or false.

This is just one click Toggle Button.

toggle button yes/no

For that purpose, you need to Get value of jQuery toggle button yes/no.

Step 1.  Create an HTML
Step 2. Add CSS
Step 3. Add jQuery for making code live

Final Step :- Gather whole code at one place as jquery_toggle_button.php
By running code you will get the result as the image displayed below :-

toggle button yes/no

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