17 Oct, 2017

PayUMoney Integration in PHP

17 Oct, 2017

Dear Reader, let us we know about “PayUMoney Payment Gateway Integration in PHP“.

It’s very easy to integrate, you just need to follow very easy steps to integrate it into your web application.

1. First, you need to go https://test.payumoney.com and sign up for a merchant account.

2. At a time of sign up, you need to use your valid email address. As you are creating a test account, you can enter whatever details for the testing purpose.

3. Once you’re done with your test merchant account live, you will get your Merchant Id, Merchant Key, and Merchant Salt to use in your code.

Here is a complete code of PayUMoney Payment Gateway Integration:-

3 files are needed.

1. PayUMoney_form.php  :-

2. success.php

3. failure.php

You can download all codes in zip format from here at single click payumoney_webpreparations.tar

Testing Credentials are :-

Card Type : Visa
Card Name : Test
Card Number : 4012001037141112
Expiry Date : 05/20
CVV : 123

Card Type : Master
Card Name : Test
Card Number : 5123456789012346
Expiry Date : 05/20
CVV : 123

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