PHP Interview Questions

Dear Reader, Welcome to this section of “PHP Interview Questions“. Here we are going to provide you some basic interview questions regarding PHP in the kick-start, as interviews are started with some basic questions only, later on, further questions depend upon further discussions between you and interviewer. You can easily crack the interview by memorizing these questions and just showing little Confidence.In next stage, we will guide you about top-level questions cracking…


What is PHP?

PHP is a server-side scripting language commonly used for web applications. PHP has many frameworks and cms for creating websites.Even a non-technical person can create sites using its CMS. WordPress, osCommerce is the famous CMS of php. It is also an object-oriented programming language like Java, C-sharp etc.It is very easy for learning.

Who is known as the father of PHP?

Rasmus Lerdorf

What is the purpose of the php.ini file?

The PHP configuration file, php.ini, is the final and most immediate way to affect PHP’s functionality. The php.ini file is read each time PHP has initialized .in other words, whenever httpd is restarted for the module version or with each script execution for the CGI version. If your change isn.t showing up, remember to stop and restart httpd. If it still isn.t showing up, use phpinfo() to check the path to php.ini

What is the use of “echo” in PHP?

It is used to print a data in the webpage, Example: <?php echo ‘Hello World’; ?>, The following code print the text in the webpage

How to include a file to a PHP page?

We can include a file using “include() ” or “require()” function with the file path as its Parameter.

What’s the difference between include and require?

If the file is not found by require(), it will cause a fatal error and halt the execution of the script. If the file is not found by include(), a warning will be issued, but execution will continue.

require_once(), require(), include().What is a difference between them?

require() includes and evaluates a specific file, while require_once() does that only if it has not been included before (on the same page). So, require_once() is recommended to use when you want to include a file where you have a lot of functions for example. This way you make sure you don’t include the file more times and you will not get the “function re-declared” error.

Differences between GET and POST methods?

We can send 1024 bytes using GET method but POST method can transfer large amount of data and POST is the secure method than GET method.

How to declare an array in PHP?

Eg : var $arr = array(‘apple’, ‘grape’, ‘lemon’);

What is the use of ‘print’ in PHP?

This is not actually a real function, It is a language construct. So you can use without parentheses with its argument list.Example print(‘PHP Interview questions’); print ‘Job Interview ‘);

What is use of in_array() function in PHP?

in_array used to checks if a value exists in an array

 Result:- Match found

What is use of count() function in PHP ?

count() is used to count all elements in an array or something in an object

What’s the difference between include and require?

It’s how they handle failures. If the file is not found by requiring (), it will cause a fatal error and halt the execution of the script. If the file is not found by include(), a warning will be issued, but execution will continue.

What is the difference between Session and Cookie?

The main difference between sessions and cookies is that sessions are stored on the server, and cookies are stored on the user’s computers in the text file format. Cookies can’t hold multiple variables while session can hold multiple variables..We can set expiry for a cookie, The session only remains active as long as the browser is open.Users do not have access to the data you stored in Session Since it is stored on the server.A session is mainly used for login/logout purpose while cookies using for user activity tracking

How to set cookies in PHP?

setcookie(“sample”, “ram”, time()+3600);

How to Retrieve a Cookie Value?

eg : echo $_COOKIE[“user”];

How to create a session? How to set a value in session? How to Remove data from a session?

Create session : session_start();Set value into session : $_SESSION[‘USER_ID’]=1;Remove data from a session : unset($_SESSION[‘USER_ID’];

what types of loops exist in php?

for,while,do while and foreach (NB: You should learn its usage)


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